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Autism Safarnama

Not long ago, I was in a meeting with my fellow doctors, I was in a role of a consultant and a doctor for programs serving children with learning disabilities, and as the meeting was about to get over, one of the doctors asked me to see me privately. She took me in a corner, lowered her voice and with an embarrassing look in her eyes, started telling me about her 4- year-old son.

She described a hyperactive, nonverbal child who spent most of his time playing video games on his own and rarely interacting with other children his age. Then she got to the point, a developmental pediatrician had recently diagnosed the boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Then she slowed down and looked towards me with some hope and with a lot of fear, asked me , will my child become normal ‘?

I meet a lot of parents like these who are intelligent and accomplished in their fields, but when they enter the land of AUTISM, they often feel anxious, confused and lost.And I can relate to them, as I was once there when my child got diagnosed. Since the last 7 years after that, I have been trying to understand Autism from every perspective, and after immense learning and different trainings from all over the world, I have realized the importance of focusing on ‘Understanding Autism‘ rather than focusing on ‘managing behaviors‘ in Autism.

So let me take you on this beautiful journey on exploring the land of Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder is now amongst the most commonly diagnosed developmental disabilities; the US Centres for Disease Control estimates that it affects as many as one in fifty school-age children.

Autism is a neurological condition in which the child has 
- a set of behaviors which are difficult to manage by others,
- Difficulty to talk about what he wants and what he is feeling, to others
- Difficulty to do a conversation with others 
- Have repetitive actions and obsessed with liking fixed objects.
- have sensory issues 

Every child who has Autism has unique behaviors and difficulties of hence this condition is now called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The moment we focus on this above explanation of Autism, we understand that it's a set of behaviors needing behavior management and it means speech and sensory issues needing its management and therapies.

This is why, parents who get newly diagnosed ate referred to a flood of professionals and programs like therapists, physicians, schools, therapy programs, etc

All this makes life even more challenging for parents, they are left on their own to figure out, whom to trust? who can make them understand their child? which treatment will be successful? which diet? Which therapy? what tablets? which education?

In this struggle to find the best for their child, they become more tired, confused and lost on the land of so many Autism treatments The parents wander here and there finding solutions when the answer lies within them, unexplored.

Sawaalon Ka Safarnama
O Jisey Dhoonda
Zamaane Mein
Mujhi Mein Tha
O Mere Saare
Jawaabon Ka Safarnama
Shuru Tumse Khatam
Tumpe Safarnama.....