Relationship Development InterventionTM

-You have the power to change the Neurology of your child

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-Every Parent wants to create a road for their child to have a Good Life.
Don't let Disabilities come in your way.

RDI® stands for Relationship Development Intervention . It is a parent/family based therapy program which empowers the parents to develop or increase Intelligence of their child. It is developed by Dr. Steve Gutstein who is an Internationally renowned pioneer in the field of developmental disabilities. RDI® is a next generation approach to Autism and other developmental disabilities. This intervention is based on the latest scientific research into the human brain.


  1. It is Parent Coaching Program.
  2. It works on the core problems rather than symptoms.
  3. It teaches parents how to use “every-day” activities to treat the core problems.
  4. Does not require specialized rooms or equipments.
  5. Focus is on developing the thinking process of the child more than developing skills alone.


  1. Experience sharing communication.
  2. Critical thinking skills for life’s activities.
  3. Helps the parents manage their own stress.
  4. Creates a more balanced lifestyle for the family.
  5. It works on changing neurology.

How does RDI work?

It empowers parents with the tools to strengthen the weak areas of their child through a technique called Mindful Guiding.

What does RDI program focus on?

The RDI program's primary focus is to establish the guided participation relationship through parent training which then helps to remediate the core features of autism;
•Dynamic Intelligence
•Flexible and creative thinking and problem solving
•Experience sharing communication
•Episodic memory
•Self awareness and emotional regulation

The RDI program takes into consideration all other aspects of the individuals needs(academics,diet,co-occurring disorders,etc)and helps provide a balanced treatment plan. The RDI program spends time in getting parents ready for the treatment and making them competent and confident in what they will do.

When participating in the RDI® program, Dr. Dhanashri herself will conduct your coaching and carry out an Assessment which is carried out at Divyam Centre For Autism, Mumbai.
Consultations will take place in Divyam or online provided via email, Skype, video call etc.

Restoring Real Relationship & Connection

Of all the things that make the RDI® model different, our focus on relationship is primary. Think about it; no matter where your child is on the spectrum, or how many skills they have developed with other therapies, the biggest hole in your family right now is likely your lack of relationship with your child. Something just isn’t right and you know it. Our number one goal is to give you the tools and training to create the relationship with your child that you have never been able to have. We do not believe that autism is a disease, nor something to be “cured”. Instead, we know that your child is just who she is meant to be and we can help you reach her full potential.

RDI® is a Program for Parents

Family Focused

We believe that making lasting, meaningful and lifelong changes begins at home with the child’s parents first and that the remediation process should take place amidst each family’s unique culture and relationships.
RDI® Programs coach parents and primary care-givers how to break down -and then gradually rebuild- complex dynamic processes by carefully and systematically orchestrating the presentation of dynamic intelligence objectives within day to day interactions. These interactions are embedded in daily routines and activities thus, building memories of competence and fulfillment and increasing motivation to engage in our complex world.

Working with a Consultant

With the guidance of a consultant, parents learn to evaluate where the child stopped developing in order to create a program that is right for their child. They learn to re-think their daily lifestyle, restructure routine activities and provide safe but challenging opportunities for mental growth. Parents also learn how to guide their child and themselves in a mindful way, that creates a relationship which allows for their child’s brain to change and grow in a positive way. The program is organized into a series of customizable developmental steps so that any parent can learn how to become an effective guide at their own pace.


An initial RDI® assessment is one of the first things that a consultant will do with a new family. It provides a complete picture of each person’s strengths and weaknesses, possible co-occurring conditions and developmental obstacles. This assessment consists of select, age appropriate activities, that are administered to the parents and their child and followed by a session between the consultant and the client. In addition, information on potential activity themes, communication and environmental modifications, as well as needed scaffolding levels would emerge from the assessment process. Based on the initial assessment a comprehensive short term plan for each family is set in motion. Common initial parent objectives may include: assigning a 15-minute daily increment for quality time, slowing down communication pace, increasing use of non-verbal communication channels, or reducing screen time for everyone in the family.


Ongoing Training

The frequency and format of ongoing supervision for each family is individualized and depends on their progress and current objectives. It is common that parents and consultant would meet with the child either face-to-face, on Skype or phone consultations. Home visits and community outings are also important for an RDI® consultant to guide parents in their most natural setting. To help parents understand their objectives, a consultant might utilize modeling, role playing, planning ahead, watching video clips of daily interactions as well as direct work during follow up sessions. Increasingly, geography is not an issue for consultants and families who can utilize the RDIconnect® Learning Community, which is a private platform used to organize ongoing communication, video submissions, current and future objectives and yearly assessment findings. In addition, parents have access to a video library containing samples of RDI® work donated by other families, webinars on a variety of topics and ongoing discussion groups with other parents.