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My Child......I am all yours..... !!!!!

Yesterday.............I had instructed all my team not to disturb me in my cabin .... as I was working on a very important project ...when my dear son called me from an intercom outside my cabin... He said ....
'Mumma, I want to talk with you'
I don't know what happened next........but I was speechless,
I could not think of my work...
I thought this is the most important thing that matters to me right now...all other things can wait, l left my work for a while and I started talking with him.
Tell me guys …how many times a situation like this happens with you all?

When your kid wants you to spend some time with him/her....
Are we available to them at that moment with total attention.?...

And if not?

Then why are we not?

What’s keeping us away from that moment?

Aren't we doing everything for them?

And in return what they want?

May be 15 minutes of our undivided attention?

If we are so passionate and working hard .... facing so many difficulties ....just to give them all the luxuries and comfortable life..
then why can’t we do a simple thing like..... Spending some time with them
Be a child again ....
Give them time with all our heart and soul.
I am sure this will not only make a better connect and make a stronger bond with your own child but also bring some calmness to oneself from all our stress.
Try it....just 15 minutes every day be available to them with all your heart and soul.....
After all there is no loss in it.