Divyam Centre for Autism

Dr. Dhanashri Vijay PAwar

Our Founder story

Dr. Dhanashri and Vijay are parents to a beautiful son who is on the Autism Spectrum. They entered the unknown land of Autism when he was only 2 years old. Their Journey started with a state of denial, guilt, anxiety, panic and has reached a stage of acceptance and positive towards their child. Dr. Dhanashri has worked as a Medical Officer in the government health sector for the last 10 years and has been researching on autism and various interventions across the world since the last 5 years. In her own clinical experiences as a doctor, she has diagnosed many children having autism spectrum disorders and given practical tools for home programs to people in the community....In her quest for finding the right therapy, she realized that correct combination of various interventions with a positive and calm mindset and a autism-friendly environment, worked well for her child. She had a dream to form an autism intervention community which genuinely focuses on bridging the gap between the therapists and families, where all of them work as a team for the child. Parents are biological best teachers for their child and if parents are guided well, they can support their child throughout his/her life span and strengthen his/her full potential. Dr. Dhanashri Pawar believes that if we, as parents, family, and community, understand their needs and support them, every child on the spectrum can be a DIVYAM (Person who can achieve his/her full potential).


  • MBBS from KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  • DPH from College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai.
  • Medical Officer in MCGM, Public Health Department,Mumbai for 9 years.
  • Certified Relationship Development Intervention Consultant for Autism.
  • Touch For Health Kinesiology Proficient and Instructor ,licensed by International Kinesiology College, Australia.
  • Professional Development Program in 'Sensory Integration Perspective' Course 1 Of The Sensory Integration Certification Program By University Of Southern California.
  • Professional Development Program in ‘Specialized Techniques For Measuring Sensory Integration’, Course 2 Of The Sensory Integration Certification Program By University Of Southern California.
  • Professional Development Program in ‘From Interpretation To Intervention’, Course 3 Of The Sensory Integration Program By University Of Southern California.
  • Attended Workshop On ‘Finding The Missing Pieces Of Autism Puzzle’ By -Dr. Steven Gutstein.
  • Completed Successful Training In ‘Brain gym 101’ By Brain Gym Foundation, Canada.
  • Completed 16 Hour Seminar On ‘Optimal Brain Organization’ By Brain Gym Foundation, CA, USA.
  • Completed 16 Hour Seminar On ‘The Physiological Basis Of Learning’ By Educational Kinesiology Foundation, CA, USA.
  • Attended ‘Sonrise Program’ A 5 Day residential Parent Training Program At Autism Treatment Centre Of America, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Attended Workshop On ‘Sensory Processing And Executive Functioning In The Classroom’ At The Gateway School Of Mumbai.
  • Attended '5th World Autism Organization International Congress 2018' on November 12 – 15, 2018 – Houston, TX, United States.
  • Attended TFH Metaphors workshop in September 2019.
  • Attended Epigenetics healing cycles workshop in September 2019

About Divyam

Core Concept Of Divyam

Every individual with different abilities leads a happy, respectful and independent life in their community
To provide solutions for every individual to face any situation in his life competently


  • ⮚ Transparency
  • ⮚ Loving Attitude
  • ⮚ Innovative Approach
  • ⮚ Respect
  • ⮚ Customized Learning
  • ⮚ Trustworthy Environment

Philosophy (Why to choose Divyam)

  • Providing safe and trustworthy environment for learning.
  • Transparency - Parents can watch the therapy sessions of their child on TV in the centre.
  • Multiple interventions and therapies under one roof.
  • We work on the core issues causing the learning obstacles in children.
  • Multiple interventions are combined and customized to child’s needs and strengths.
  • Provide interactions ranging from one to one to small group sessions.
  • Guided parents delivered interventions.
  • Under charitable trust at a subsidized cost.

mirador foundation

It was founded by Dr. Dhanashri Pawar and Mr. Vijay Pawar on 18th April 2017 with a strong belief that if women and children at the grass-root levels, get good Health Care and Education, then they can contribute largely to the future economy of our country.


To put our best efforts to give good healthcare services, education, and empowerment to women and children at the grass root levels of society.


  1. For Women - Create sustainable opportunities at grass root levels to empower women who are in terms of good health, education and employment.
  2. Give services for holistic education and development to children at an affordable cost.


  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Transparency
  • Respect

Our Mentors